Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 2 and I'm back in Seattle...

In hindsight, Day 1 of the tour put a lot into perspective. We started in a leaky tent that we threw up in the dark, rode in the rain for 5 hours, and ate bagels. Today, we woke up in a perfectly pitched tent in new friend's cow pasture, rode in PERFECT weather for 7 hours, and ate freshly made muffaletta sandwiches. Weird, huh?

Life is full of surprises, especially when you meander about the US on a bike. Our new friends in the Hawken/Norris family sent us off this morning after a great night's sleep in their cow pasture with about 47 lbs in sandwiches, watermelon, and wine. I love that family.

We rolled our way into the Swinomish Indian Reservation, which was a highlight entirely because of an epic high five Eric and I both received from a real Indian on a real Indian reservation (it's not called a "Native American Reservation" on the signs, so I'm not going to be politically correct, either).

After a few great miles in the sunshine in farm country, we met up with Amy (our lovely support team director) and wolfed down some muffaletta sandwiches. After 50 some miles, they tasted like buttered lovin'.

I stopped after that to grab an espresso at Caffe D'Arte in Marysville, WA, and was very thankful to have Sarah (or Sara?) take care of the expense. That was sweet of her, and I appreciate it. Canada to Mexico or not, it's still very flattering to be bought a cup of coffee. I felt like an attractive girl for a second, or at least what I think attractive girls feel like, being bought stuff all the time.

We also got "lost" today (translation: we're bike geeks and like to add miles to our rides) and our total mileage went from a planned 78 to a grand total of 105. That makes 12 centuries for me this year. Count em'. Kobe.

After snaking our way all the way to the north Seattle area, we hopped on the Burke-Gilman Trail and chatted with Heather Wireman, a lovely girl that works for Precor. She's a full-time bike commuter, and unfortunately couldn't join us for our awareness ride today due to a marathon training schedule. As a triathlete who is dumb enough to have signed up for an Ironman next year, I understand wholeheartedly. Train hard, Heather! In addition to meeting Heather, it was great to see so many people outside getting their fit on today. Good work, Seattle.

Last but not least, I want to give some shoutouts to our friends at Bear Naked and the Montlake Bicycle Shop. They've been super supportive of what we're doing, and none of this would be quite as pleasant without their support. Thanks guys - we love you.

And special props to the Love Sack girls - go get that bike and start riding! You look great in those wristbands.

Right now I'm eating some fresh baked "cookies". Check out that photo. You can taste a whole lotta bad for you. Thanks Kelley!

On to Olympia via the Bremerton Ferry tomorrow.

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