Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back On The Horse

Well today marks the start of an earnest effort to start getting things done. I have a nonprofit to run now, a training career to continue pursuing, cycling season to get in shape for, travel plans to make, and I have to pack my entire life into a two-door Ford Thunderbird... again. Sound like a lot? It sort of is, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I've got a lot on my plate in the next 2 weeks. My "To Do" lists include shopping for airfare and train tickets, moving out of my place in Crested Butte (and cleaning house so I'll see my security deposit again), planning a 3 week training program for a boot camp I'm leading in Dillon, snowboarding every day, arranging interviews for a new job in Seattle this summer (I have a 72 hour window to interview for and hopefully land a job), set up and launch a website for TakeYourBike (Eric, I know you've got my back), compete in a rail contest, enter my first "slush huck" (I'm snowboarding on water and hitting a jump), shopping for and purchasing a new race bike, training like an athlete, and doing some living out of my car (tents are for those without the luxury of the front seat of a 2-door coupe). Sound good? I think so.

This past week included a visit from my Eastern friends (VA, not Asia), a backcountry trip that was too much fun (not for "Iron Lung" Brandon Olsen), a lot of cycling (on a trainer or Spin bike... boo), even more snowboarding (in Crested Butte... hooray), more than a few boots at Trackers (it's a glass shoe filled with 3 beers), and so much more. I need a vacation.

Side note: I realized after writing that I don't need a vacation - I'm living one.

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  1. pics look good. is that untouched backcountry snow? list is legit. get some.