Monday, April 5, 2010


Things I've Done In The Last Week:

- snowboarded everyday, and enjoyed over a foot of fresh snow
- competed in a rail jam contest, and finished in the top 10
- made it to the summit of Mt. Crested Butte, enjoyed my first official mountain peak experience, then used my snowboard to get done (best run of my entire life)
- participated in the Crested Butte Moon Bus tradition, whereby the passengers of the bus coming from the mountain to town that have the privilege of sharing the ride with the Flaushink King open the windows, drop pants to half mast, and greet the town with a two cheek smile throughout the 10-block town loop. Epic.
- rode my bike while watching the entire Duke-West Virginia game
- jumped off of what my friend Tom estimated to be 400+ feet of cliffs in one day on my snowboard
- played a show at Crested Butte's finest drinking establishment (Lila and I make beautiful music together)
- finally saw Fishbone live (if you get the chance and like to dance/mosh/jump around don't miss them) at Crested Butte's 250-capacity music venue
- had one hilarious dinner conversation after another with some great friends at Crested Butte's Slogar
- started reading a very interesting book called "Chess Story" by Stefan Zweig
- had entirely too much fun doing all of these things

Things I'm Doing In The Next Week:
- getting my VO2 Max and LT tested in a performance lab (at least 2 of you reading this will think that's cool)
- snowboarding Monarch and Arapahoe Basin
- cycling in Colorado Springs and Denver, CO
- shopping for/buying a new race bike (!)
- working on the "to do" list for the site launch (only 10 days away)
- camping
- seeing new towns, meeting new people
- touring Dillon, CO
- starting a new job running a performance boot camp for cyclists
- listening to a lot of jazz music
- eating a lot of Clif bars
- smiling a lot

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