Friday, May 28, 2010

All Good Things

This week included:
- progress at the workplace. I'm starting to dive head-first into training here in Seattle, and I couldn't be more excited about working at Gold's (I know, I know...). It's a great environment, and I'm very impressed with my supervisor's knowledge, work ethic, and personality. It's going to be a summer full of learning, and I look forward to that.
- riding! Training rides, casual rides, indoor rides, and more. One day, I rode up to a stoplight and said hello to a fellow cyclist waiting at the light with a bike-tourer's load of panniers on his commuter. He asked if I wanted a drink, then handed me an airplane bottle of Tanqueray. Ever have that happen when you're driving a car? Score one for the "bikes are cool" argument.
- friends. I'm loving catching up with a lot of my old friends, and making new ones. Some things never stay the same, and some things never change.

The SkitoSea race is Sunday, and we're all heading up to Bellingham tomorrow to get ready. It's going to be an epic weekend, and there will more than likely be a tell-all blog entry upon my return. Then it's back to the grind of building my career as a trainer, continuing my work toward a successful cycling season, and (hopefully) continued strides as a person. Here's to it.

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