Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 Brings the Rain (Snow, Actually)

It's PUKING outside. Vomiting. Yakking. Dumping. Insert synonym for "lots and lots of snow". The best part (since the other parts just aren't good enough): I have tomorrow off, they're opening the steeps tomorrow, and it's NFL Championship weekend. You can't even hurt my feelings. You could tell me "Hey Chris - someone stole your car and burned down your house.", and I would reply something similar to "Oh, that's awful. I'll address that just as soon as this storm is over and it's not my day off." I've come to the conclusion that not many things will come to ruin if you take a personal day/week/month. Of course, you have to use your best judgement and discretion when you're trying to vanish and play for an extended amount of time - if you have a deadline at the office or at school, or have rent due in a week and a $12.57 bank account balance, you should probably consider hunkering down for the short term for the sake of the long haul. But never lose perspective - you have to get out and take the opportunities you are presented with to live a little. All you have is your time and your health - take advantage of both. Know your work ethic - in many situations you can be just as productive after a personal reprieve (if not more productive) than before one, or (God forbid) if you don't take personal time at all. I may be playing in the white room for hours and hours over the next few days, but I do so knowing that I have the discipline to get down to business in the PM. Create your work ethic. Enforce your own discipline. The rewards are great. Trust me.

On a sad note, I said goodbye to a loved one this week. My Burton Se7en: 2007-2010. She met her maker on January 20 in the early afternoon. She got roughed up by a rather large and immovable pine tree. She will me missed.

On the upside, I welcomed a 2009 Ride DH2 to my quiver this week - hands down the raddest board I've ever strapped myself onto and slid sideways on. I highly recommend demoing one if you have the chance, fellow mountain enthusiasts.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to snowboard until my legs almost died, go work out at the office with a few clients, and play music with Lila (we have chosen the moniker "Beau et la Bete" - look it up if you're witty). I had to physically stop moving for a minute to count my blessings - how many of us are fortunate to enjoy 3 (three!) of our favorite passions in the same day? Take the time to think about your good fortunate - we're all luckier than we know. If you're reading this, you're better off that a very large portion of our planet's population. You have a computer (or possibly even a smart phone), electricity, and the time and luxury to enjoy a moment to yourself. Breathe it in, and try and live like you don't take it for granted (saying you don't take it for granted then not thinking about it for a week doesn't count).

I'm off to go play a show - Beau et la Bete is playing our very own Haiti Relief Benefit tonight at the Princess (see: we're better off than a very large portion of our planet's population). It should be a great time. I'm going to try and record a show soon (possibly even tonight) and upload the audio to the WWW sooner than later. I'll include a link on this blog for sure.

In the meantime, consider listening to M.Ward's "Hold Time" and sitting down for an evening with Vonegut's "Welcome to the Monkey House". Excellent.

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