Friday, January 29, 2010

Bluebird Fridays

I think that bluebird Fridays are pretty much the dog's balls. Sorry, Mom - it's a popular British expression. I'm taking a day away from the mountain to let my body rest (although I'm pretty sure that no one other than Eric Hunley would consider a 2+ hour workout day a "rest day"), but you can bet your bottom dollar (Mom, that clean, generic expression was for you - retribution for the "dog's balls" expression) I'll be back out tomorrow.

I've hit 60 days on the season now, which means it's more than half over. Or is it only half over? I'm a "half-full" kind of guy, so I'll go with the latter. Progression is happening, and it's starting to get exciting. You heard it here first (or second if you're a close friend) - I think a 7 is in my reach this season. If you live in CB and ride with me, help me out and hold me to this: I'm getting a clean 720 down by season's end. And I'm going to bite off a good 30+ feet off of one of CB's many, many, many cliffs. Here's to the death of complacency.

I'm taking the day to sweat it out in the gym, do some work on planning for the next 12 month's worth of adventures (if you're into a 6 week bike ride from the top of the Left Coast to the bottom in Septmber/October - let me know), and watch the X Games. I opted to stay in CB and actually snowboard and watch them on TV rather than fight hordes of people for tracked out lines in Aspen all weekend. But if you want to see the pinnacle of sporting ridiculousness, you should consider tuning in this weekend. Names to watch: Kazuhiro Kokubo, Torstein Horgmo, Levi Lavallee.

Lila and I did some recording at the Princess last night - I'll post the audio when I can.

Quit reading my garbage and go play outside this weekend.

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