Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thinking Ahead

So it's been a pretty killer week here in CB, all things considered, although I think many of us local residents are close to agreeing to kill each other if it would bring some snow. I'm delving into the extensive backcountry options here tomorrow with my buddy Tom in an exhaustive effort for some deep snow. It's necessary. I'm hoping to get some photos while we're out - it should be bluebird and make for a great photo album. Especially if we find some stash. Pray for us.

I've had a fair amount of time this week to build some enthusiasm at the gym and start a new training program (Eric, you're inspiring me more than you know - keep flipping tires), work on catching up with my To Do's (they got sort of extensive when I was hosting the CB3 team), and catch up on some rest. I did take some time to get out and work on some new tricks, and go out for a nighttime jib session with Fritz (the winning photo is at left). I've also given some thought to what my summer agenda will hold. Any recommendations? Email me with your ideas at I'd love to hear what you think I should do with my time - sincerely, bounce some ideas off of me. I'd love to get into some adventures with any and all of you that take the time to read this blog.

I'm thinking 3 bike rides for sure: the STP ( the 200 mile beast from Seattle to Portland) in July, the RSVP (Seattle to Vancouver) in August, and the holy grail - a 5-6 week tour from Seattle to LA and back in September/October. 1,436 miles. Each way. Who's interested in accompanying me?

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