Monday, February 22, 2010

Blower Blubird Pow Day

Epic day today. After our 30+ inch storm this weekend, I awoke to flawless blubird conditions (blubird: adj./ used to describe sunny conditions at a ski resort. Associated with "epic", "gnarly", and "today we're gonna get some rad shots") and waxed my board up for the feast. I was out early enough, got some good cliffs, and caught rope drop on the Hot Rocks face. Probably one of the 3 best runs of my life. I stepped up to all of my trash talking and jumped off of House Rock today - she's a burly beast for sure. Such a good day - blower pow and good friends. That's the recipe, for sure.

I've realized that I'm obsessed with cycling, and this bike season in Seattle is going to be crazy fun. I've signed up for a bunch of good rides and races, and am excited to train on a new set of routes this summer. It's going to be good.

Speaking of training, it's time.

Be careful: the path is dark. - Eric Chrabot

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