Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Rundown Of This Weekend's Events

1. I watched the Freeskiing World Tour Stop in Telluride, Colorado. My friend Louise finished 2nd. Epic.
2. I competed in a mildly serious arm wrestling competition. And did well.
3. Got abused by Guthrie, a local 7th grader, in chess. Star Wars chess.
4. Did a lot of tail butters to fakie.
5. Envied my parents and their epic snowstorm.
6. Played music with Lila, and got some fairly respectful live recordings. Hopefully I can edit them and post them sooner than later.
7. Got to spend a weekend in Telluride for the first time ever (pictures are included in this post). Sweet town. Flatter than expected mountain. CB still pwns.
8. Gondi parties. Plural.
9. Night snowboarding under the lights!!!!!!
10. Stoke was amped for this week in CB. Lots of work to do - on the mountain and off.

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