Friday, February 12, 2010

Good news, bad news

Good news: After waking up with a sharp pain in my spine this morning, I (terrified) carried myself to the doctor's (Happy Valentine's Day, Mom - I went because you'd want me to) again for a followup. They took some more X-rays and confirmed that I DO NOT HAVE A FRACTURED SPINE. Excellent, excellent news.

Bad news: They took all of my X-rays from me, so you the readers miss out on the photographic evidence. Or lack thereof, I suppose.

Gonna be taking it easy for a bit - it's a long snow season yet, there's my cycling-heavy summer, and - oh, yeah - the rest of my life. Patience is a virtue. I'm going to become better acquainted with my work and books for a bit. And the sauna/massage/hot tub combo. Here's to that.

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