Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday makes me laugh. A very significant portion of the population celebrating copiously for reasons that have ZERO relevance to their lives. Did you know that Mardi Gras was originally a Christian festival offering a final indulgence in rich, fatty foods before the start of the Lenten season? I didn't. Somehow our nation has taken that idea and turned it into a bead-laden belligerent party that throws the notion that it is less than advisable to binge drink on a weekday out the window. We strong-willed Americans. It's nice to know that by conviction alone the bulk of our population can rationalize getting hammered before noon on a Tuesday.

That being said, I had an excellent Fat Tuesday. I worked on mountain safety patrol (and my back feels much better), I got a good workout in, and enjoyed a night out with friends. I haven't gone out much since January (the CB3 debacle wore my drinking shoes out, and I've been training so hard that it just hasn't been in the cards to burn the candle on both ends), and it was a fun celebration. I saw a whole bunch of my friends out my chance (the Crested Butte Effect: with one street of bars within a 30 mile radius, you tend to run into people often), and saw a great punk show. Guttermouth (yes, Guttermouth) played the Eldo last night, and seeing a band I last saw when I was 15 was awesome. All of the elements of a good punk show were there: I lost at least 2 beers to the mosh pit, broke a pair of sunglasses, and got clocked in the face by a fiesty lass and received a good old-fashioned bloody nose. I wouldn't have it any other way. Back to the office today - I have some clients, some work to do for the bike tour (name brainstorming for the NPO and mission statement drafts), and my own workout training. It's on.

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