Monday, February 1, 2010

A Letter From My Knees to Myself

Dear Chris,
We feel that the situation has come to a head, and we felt it of the utmost importance for us to speak up at this juncture. We're a little upset with your complete disregard for our well being - after all, we've been through so much. Remember when we learned to walk together? Between your hours and hours spent at the gym, your nasty cycling habit, and your obsession with placing air between your snowboard and the ground (the ground is a good friend of ours, and he shares our displeasure), we feel as though we're being abused. The wrists and shoulders get together and make fun of us, and our egos can only take so much. We understand your infatuation with athletics, and would never dream of asking you to stop. But please consider a rest day from time to time. Or a rest week. We'll return the favor by stopping our constant harangue of aches and pains. Have you considered pursuing a career in sitting? We'll stick with you through the thick and thin, but at least consider our plea. We look forward to many good years ahead, hopefully not in a wheelchair (other chairs would be great, though).

Your good friends,
The Knees

On a serious note (sorry, Knees), I joined the Cascade Bike Club today and signed up for the Flying Wheels Century ride in June, the Seattle to Portland Ride in July, and am working an angle to still ride the sold-out Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party in August. I couldn't be more excited about this. Wait, I could: Dad, Eric (both of you), Rob, Steve, Matt, or any of my cycling buddies I missed - you want to ride with me?


  1. Letter from one empathetic pair of another. Hello my old friends. It has felt like a lifetime sense we first met. Days of what seemed like harmless airs to flat and sloppy front boards on that rickety blackcomb double down. It seems full speed accidental mogul runs were not a thing of the past. Theres a support group for joints like us. Unfortunately they teach to a strict QUITYERBITCHIN formula and repeatedly encouraged to suppress our feelings. So cheers to the past, present and future for it seems we will be skidding sideways worn and well weathered accross the finish line. And you have to admit it, if it were up to us we'd have it no other way. so cheers.