Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crested Butte Day 5

This town rules. It's sunny, and the perfect temperature for a last stand of fall before winter hits. Although blindingly anxious for snow and winter, I'm enjoying the fact that I get a taste of the different seasons here in town. Cycling here is unbelievable (coming from the east coast) - the amphitheater surrounding Crested Butte is out of a Colorado brochure. I rode all the way around to the back side of the mountain yesterday to get a look at the Teocali side. It is indeed ridiculous (see photos at left). A lot of it looks really, really fun though, and accessible even at my Colorado-beginner level of riding. That being said, I've already come to realize (without even starting to ride the mountain) that this place has what I'm looking for: I can't reach the ceiling here. For the last 6 years of my snowboarding life, I've had a total grasp on all the possibilities afforded by my local mountain. That is definitely not the case here. From my bedroom window alone I can see a dozen lines that are entirely beyond my skill level at this point in my life. And I'm thrilled about that. Jake Burton has said for years that if you're not scaring yourself at least a little bit every day that you're on a snowboard you're not doing it right.

Today I'm writing from Elk Avenue Fitness, where I'll be working as a trainer and a manager. It's a very simple gym, but with a lot of potential. I like what's already in place, and I love the community here. The members (as with everyone in town) all know each other, and everyone is so thrilled to be here. The staff has been overly helpful in showing me the day-to-day, and the gym is almost set up to run itself. I have some decisions to make regarding how committed I'm going to be to this place and this opportunity. Big decisions. But with great uncertainty comes great possibility.

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