Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Morning Fires

Started my morning today with some good news on the Norfolk front - I still desperately need to find someone to pick up the remainder of my lease, and a friend may have just come through for me. Thanks Blake. I'm celebrating the optimism of progress with a morning fire and coffee. I look forward to getting better at making a fire.
I'm planning on getting some things done today, which (hopefully) will be some of the last big "moving in" things that need competed. I have a PO Box (#743 Crested Butte, CO 81224) - the town of Crested Butte doesn't receive mail to street address, so everyone in town has a PO Box. Kinda cool, I think. I have a local bank account at the Bank of Crested Butte (they put out cookies and cider every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas to encourage you to come in and say hello). Today I'm going to meet with the mountain human resources department and hopefully solidify my job with the resort (season pass!)
I also plan on doing a bike ride up to the top of the backside of the mountain (on the roads, not actually on the mountain - I'll save that for springtime and summer if I'm still here) to see what the Teocali Bowl and backside runs are like. From everything I've heard, these are some serious business. I had a guy that rode for K2 in the late 90s tell me yesterday that that zone was the first place he was ever scared on skis while in bounds. I'm excited.
I got a chance yesterday to ride my freebord from my condo down to the town twice yesterday - a 3+ mile downhill. Really cool, good fun. I got a couple of encouraging cheers from (now fellow) locals as they drove by - bombing the hill on a longboard is a recreational activity for the skate enthusiasts here (although it's fairly intense to think about longboarding down the whole hill).
Things at the gym are going well - I participated in my first spin class yesterday with one of the other instructors there (thanks, Gail). Oddly enough, I met another gym employee that moved here from Norfolk, VA 2 months ago (ridiculously small world). She also played in the symphony in Norfolk, as a string player (I know bass isn't really an orchestral string instrument, but ridiculously, ridiculously small world). She and her husband came for a visit a few years ago and could never shake it. Now they live here. I wonder how long I'll stay...

Today is the 5th consecutive flawless day (it's not snowing, but it has been bluebird skies and sunshine since I got here - it's obscene) here in Crested Butte. I'm going to go enjoy it.

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