Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good Late Morning

I slept in until 10 today. I'm kind of excited about it, despite my plans to get up early and go biking. I live here for the time being, and I'll have another shot at the ride as early as tomorrow (if it doesn't start snowing tonight). I needed the sleep - up at 5:30 yesterday for my first spin class, out til 1:30 with with the team of nightlife enthusiasts I've met here in town. The morning is nice and calm, with just a bit of a winter chill sneaking its way into my home. I'm one cup of Craven's (the local brew that I deemed it necessary to try - it's as rich as any coffee I've ever had) deep, enjoying some of Loretta Lynn's music and the view from my window. I have lofty plans to head down t the town and post up at the gym for a bit - I know it will be dead empty on one of the last fall weekends of the year (everyone I've spoken with is heading to Moab for slickrock biking or off to go bouldering south of CB) - but I feel like I can get some work done and enjoy the LSU v. Alabama game at the same time. But that's probably a bit too optimistic given my enthusiasm for quality football and lack of a concrete schedule.
I landed an interview for the mountain safety patrol, which is almost identical to the program I've worked with at Snowshoe the last few years . I'm very excited, because (assuming I get the job) the position will provide me with an employee pass, and all the perks that come with it. And all I have to do is ride with a fluorescent yellow vest for one day a week. It's a price I'll gladly pay - along with a lot of local perks beyond the unlimited ride pass, the employee badge is good for a season pass at 13 other Colorado resorts. And I have every intention of getting out and around the state to sample some more of the plethora of options available this winter. It's going to be a good winter.
I look forward to settling in a bit more and finding my real friends in this town. I've met a lot of great people so far, and am excited to find my niche. I was told by a friend that this town is best shared, and (although only a week in) I agree.
I'm off to tackle the day and make some strides. It's bluebird (again), and I'm excited to get outside.

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