Sunday, November 8, 2009

Making Strides

Yesterday was a very good day. I found out that my parents are having fun, I know my brother is having fun (the Miami Hurricanes are the greatest college football team in the world), my grandfather is ecstatic (Navy beat Notre Dame in football for the second year in a row - after a 46 year drought), and I had a very pleasant, productive day.

I started out a bit late after a night out, but got to the gym and got my fit on and got very productive. I feel comfortable with my situation there - it's not financially lucrative at the moment, but I'm making strides. And the fact that I have something to throw myself at, to keep me busy and motivated - is invaluable. I will fight complacency my entire life. Getting comfortable is the quickest way to put a ceiling on one's potential. I plan on spending every day of my life pushing boundaries, whether they're physical, mental, or spiritual. I've got to be better. I can be better. And I will be better.

All of that being said, I don't want it to seem as though I am not proud of who I am presently, or that I am full of regret. Neither could be farther from the truth. But I realize that the person I am today is formed not only of my past experiences, but of my recognition of the positives and negatives of all of those actions and thoughts. Seeing and doing isn't enough to build character, I think. You have to learn. Digest your life; pay attention. Stop and smell the roses.

Last night I met a wonderful couple named Ben and Liz - they own the East Side Bistro in Crested Butte. Both of them were there at their business til 10 PM putting time in to get things done (and procrastinating over a few beers with me - thanks for turning me on to Twisted Pine IPA from Boulder - a good beer). I admire their work ethic. Perhaps more impressive was that Liz works in a steelworks factory during the day. When she is currently the owner of her own business. For those of you with a closed mind on this point, you may disagree vehemently with me - this is to be expected. But not all business exists solely for financial gain. Of course, any respectable business must post in the black - there are no style points awarded or valor commended to a business posting deficits. But the modest income, even one that needs to be supported by outside means, of a business that contributes greatly to ones quality of life cannot be undervalued. The sense of direction and pride that comes with attaching your name to something is worth the tradeoff. I know this more now than ever. Build your life to facilitate your own happiness. No standards of others can be applied to your satisfaction. Make your life your own. Your personal resolve and satisfaction with your own decisions is all. Today, if not every day, I'm going to invest in myself.

My life is your vacation.

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