Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Settling In At Crested Butte

So I'm starting to get settled here in Crested Butte. It's absolutely incredible just being here, and my productivity is being slightly hindered by the fact that I am perfectly content just sitting on my deck and looking at the mountains. It doesn't help that I can spot lines on the main face from my bedroom window either (although I've already chosen some pretty rad ones for opening day). That being said, I've gotten a lot done. I've set up a PO Box, so I can receive mail. I've got an electric utility account in my name already. I've checked in at Elk Avenue Fitness - thanks Ryan, Mya (sp), and Tim for introducing me to the place. It's a great little gym with a lot of potential, and an unbelievable location. I've met a handful of people already, and all of them are great. Andy - you're the man. Rick - you're comedic gold. Sarah - don't move. I've had nothing but great times so far here - I've done some cycling (3+ miles uphill at 10,000 is brutal, by the way), I've just ambled around town, I've met some of neighbors (who happen to be stoked to build a booter in our backyard once the snow falls - I'm amped), and enjoyed a fire at the place. My fireplace brings me joy. I caught the Monday Night game at Maxwell's, where Peter, the owner, was bartending. I love that this town has that feel to it - the owner is getting his hands dirty on a Monday. People just seem to care about each other. I caught me first hitchhiking ride yesterday! That will sound weird to a lot of you, but trust me when I say it is the norm here. A cool guy named Chris and his 3ish year-old son Colby picked me up. Colby was vocally excited at my mention of him snowboarding this year - what a cool kid. This whole town moves at a different pace. Everyone knows everyone. It's almost confusing at first; I'm going to have to get better at remembering names.
I've decided to start looking for a part-time night job. I was wholeheartedly against it at first - I wanted to focus my energies entirely to the gym and that opportunity. I still want to do that, but I see more value in a second job here (aside from my volunteer work for the patrol). First, I feel as though working in town at night is a great way for me to insert myself into this town's social fabric. I've met so many great people here so far, and everyone has pointed out that the social dynamic is built on the relationships between all of the people in town. I want very much to be an integral part of this community, and am going to put myself in a position to do just that. Also, although I have great confidence in myself and feel as though developing a client base that can support my lifestyle her as a trainer is well within my reach, I recognize that their is inherent stability in an hourly-wage part time job. And I want that stability. I want to live here, not just get by here. And I recognize that I should invest in myself - making a go of it here is a big endeavor, and I am going to put myself in every situation to succeed. For me, right now, this is where I want to be.

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