Tuesday, October 20, 2009


For my money, some examples of great art are:

- Jeff Buckley's work
- Kazuhiro Kokubo's backside 180 tail (or anything he does on a board for that matter)
- the drinks at the PX in Alexandria
- Corey Cromwell's work
- PJ Harvey's 4 Track Demos
- a good barista's mocha
- Miles Davis' work
- Banksy's work
- the pico de gallo at Guero's in Austin
- Terje Haakonsen's method (honorably mention: Pat Moore - sorry, Jamie Lynn)
- a good businessman's handshake and introduction
- a good tattoo
- team racing in cycling
- Jon Balicanta's work
- Joseph Heller's "Catch 22"
- Chuck Palahniuk's work
- the 12 egg omelet at Beth's in Seattle
- the way a good number of my friends lead their lives (names won't be mentioned, because they wouldn't want to hear it)

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