Thursday, October 29, 2009

Denver, CO

Ahh.... I just arrived in Denver, and couldn't be happier about it. The morning's drive from Limon, CO to Denver almost killed me. I am FRIED. But even as I write this I'm getting looser. Some lunch and a beer at Breckenridge Brewery should cure what ails me. That's first on the list for after I write this entry and catch up on all the other little to-do's. So today started as most days have, uncomfortably contorted in the front seat of my Thunderbird. Well rested though - you'd be amazed how well your body recovers despite the existence of what you would perceive to be detriments to that goal. It's 26 degrees and the wind chill is down to 10. I waited a bit before committing to this observation, hopeful that it would drop to single digits and I could really have some bragging rights (Update: I realize that it probably get well into single digits in the dead of night while I slept, and I am going to brag about it.). I got out of the car with my sleeping bag still on to help stave off the elements and stretch out. Aside from some cold feet (PF Flyers, for all of their accomplishments and fanfare, do not provide much insulation), I am 100%. I feel well rested, but hungry. Fortunately the Holiday Inn Express across the street holds my salvation, and I take my time in their heated lobby to enjoy some yogurt and a bagel. After filling up on coffee and gasoline (the T-Bird got the latter - despite the picture I painted of my accommodations last night I am not masochistic), I head toward Denver. I made some great headway last night before I retired, and only have about 80 miles left. I leave just before 9 AM. Once on the highway, I am met immediately with adversity. The storm is in full force, and as thankful as I am for it's blessings at A-Basin I will get to enjoy on Friday, I could do without it while driving. It's a complete white out at times; I have 15 feet of visibility in my best moments. The snowbanks on either side of the road are to be measured in feet. My only refuge is the taillights of the local in front of me. He's a brazen one, and is tackling passes like someone is handing out free yachts just up the street. I commit to staying on his six, despite my low level of comfort with his confidence, out of necessity - if I lost those taillights I would have been a white car in a white world with no road. The thought was enough to provoke some riskier driving. Still - the drive took 3 and half hours. You could identify my car by my fingerprint impressions deep on the steering wheel. For those of you who tried to reach me this morning - I turned off my phone to limit distractions. I cheated death on more than a handful of occasions as it were, and juggling a phone call wasn't in the cards.

My one regret from the drive in is not the harrowing drive itself, but the lack of visibility coming in. I never got to see the Rockies come into view from the plains of eastern Colorado. I have been looking forward to that image for a long, long time. That being said, I am in the mountains now and will be sure to be positive about that and enjoy them from the inside out for the next 6 months or so. I'll make do, I'm sure.

I'm elated to be in Denver, a new city for me, and excited to get out into town and walk around a bit. I have some shopping to do - my PF Flyers have failed me for the last time and I am buying some Colorado-proof boots. Preferably with dead animal on the inside. I also want to buy a copper slide for my guitar - the Bobby Bare record I was listening to last night inspired me. And I need to get that beer at the Breckenridge Brewery.

Currently listening to: Stevie Wonder's "I Wish" courtesy of the Barnes and Noble radio station

Currently reading: an article about Crested Butte in Ski Magazine as recommended by Hunter - thanks buddy.

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  1. OMG Chris... Congrats on your Journey!! An I am very impressed with your articulateness!! Wow I would have never guessed. Not many people can convey a story very well anymore. None the less, I enjoyed reading!! You are once again my friend ... THE SHIT ;)