Friday, October 23, 2009

The Last Waltz

Yeah, I stole the title from The Band. I know that's not cool, but this is kind of a big deal and I feel like it merits a reference one of the best music films of all time. The bed is sold. I literally have no place to lay my head that's any more appealing than say, my car or a field in Kansas. Or a mild acquaintance's couch. My final packing list is complete; the dry run of the car packing will happen tomorrow. Everything I own will (it must) fit into my 1996 Ford Thunderbird. The very definition of mobility. I'm sitting on the floor of my empty room (well, all of my personal belongings - mostly snow and cycling specific - sit in the far corner) typing on my laptop. I've done it - almost. I've stripped myself done to what I need, not just what I need. Things that were worth SO much to me just a year ago have been sold off. Most of my clothes were given away. All that stands in my way from leaving today is a few commitments to some very dear friends. But come Sunday night - I'm gone. Vanished. I have to get my guitar fixed.

Currently listening to: Jimmie Vaughn - Out of The Shadows
Currently reading: a "How to Adjust Your Truss Rod" online guitar maintenance guide

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