Friday, October 9, 2009

The start.

I've labored for a number of hours now trying to come up with the best way to launch a venture like this. But I've come to conclude that it's a lot like the venture I'll be chronicling here in the blog itself. Open-ended. Full of opportunity, chance, option. It took a lot to convince myself to start a blog - in all sincerity, I don't feel as though my life merits a blog, or any record of any kind.... yet. And I say yet with all of the appropriate reverence to the legends and heroes whose lives do deserve documentation, and an aspiration to build a story, leave an impression, and contribute that which puts my name in that list. Who am I to have the ego to assume that my actions and thoughts deserve tangible record? Moreover, who am I to assume (or imply) that others care to read of these things? But I assure you as I have assured myself - this is not about ego or arrogance, this is for motivation. I will continue to lead a life of value, merit, and adventure - one which will, at some time, merit such a record. And this is the start.

Today I deleted my Myspace account.

Currently listening to: Brian Bromberg - The Days of Wine and Roses
Currently reading: Jon Krakauer - Into the Wild

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  1. there was nothing here when i first subscribed, and when i checked back again today there was a lot to read and think about! i love all of it and i know you are going to do great. i know my Dad is looking out for you too, so dont worry cousin ^_^