Monday, October 19, 2009

One Week

One week. 7 days. And I'll be off to Colorado. It's ridiculous. After one week (and a week of cross-country travel, which will be great fun), I will LIVE in Colorado. The mecca. Things are starting to take shape out there for me, which is reassuring. It isn't going down the way I thought it would, but such is life. J-Bird would say, "Se La Vie". You can't prepare for anything anymore. In a world of instant gratification, people's decision-making is so much more erratic, so much more passionate these days that you can't take a lot to the bank. So little of my life has gone as scripted, both in the big "what am I going to do when I grow up" and in the minute last week's events. It's crazy. Every day brings new information and opportunities at such a staggering rate that the ebb and flow of things is violent. Everything is changing at all times. I take solace in this: I work to prepare myself as a person to be ready at all times for anything. Mental and physical conditioning (so as not to miss an opportunity that strains either), open-mindedness (so as not to realize I missed out on something I wasn't ready for at the time but regret opting out of later), and benevolence (try to be the best person you are at all times - put your best foot forward; the next person you meet could be a big player in your life in a year, you never know). Eric Chrabot would say, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." And he's right. What a good weekend. I have great friends, and the Miami Hurricanes have the greatest college football program ever. If I didn't have more good friends than anyone could ask for, I think I even added to that list over the weekend. Full steam ahead.

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