Thursday, October 22, 2009


Perspective is a funny thing. One man's trash is another's treasure. One person's dream job is another's hell. Take my trash and work my job. I'll go do what motivates me with what I've got left. And you should do the same. I've been spending a lot of time lately looking at why I'm doing this, and why now. It's been a big confluence of events that have led to this change - but all of them are good. Because they've led me here. Some things I've done could be viewed as bad decisions, or a waste of time, or irrelevant - but they're not. You see, every little thing in my life has contributed to where I'm at - physically, mentally, philosophically. Life experience has given me the skill set I have. Schooling and life lessons have given my knowledge. The rough times have given me confidence in myself. The good times have given me a taste of what I'm looking for. Perspective. To find what motivates me. And I'm going to look in the mountains of Colorado this winter. Maybe it's not there. Maybe it is. But I'm going to look. And while I'm looking I'll be able to look back at every thing I've done and every place I've been and know that I'm better for it. That it all led up to that.

Sold the last of my stuff today - pretty excited. It's official - everything I own can fit in a 1996 Ford Thunderbird, and I have zero debt. I'm free to roam.

Don't let your loyalty trump your honor - Michael Pellino

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