Sunday, October 11, 2009


I've surrounded myself with Hooligans. And I mean that in the best possible way. Last night was good, dirty fun; myself and the team of Hooligans tore down the place. Sort of a break from the direction I've been headed in the last few months of my life - it's fun to let the hair down a bit and get a little rowdy from time to time. Everything in moderation. My monthlong soiree with the Hooligans is perfect - I don't think I could survive (much less be even complacently happy) living this life for an extended period of time, but I'm enjoying their company in it's brevity. And know that this is not a knock on their persons, but the lifestyle. I miss mornings (the real "sun-coming-up" mornings, not the "it's-5-am-and-I can't-find-my-pants" mornings - getting plenty of those). I am bored and jaded to the bar scene. Its pithy faux-drama, the aimless and trite stories, the mundane repetition of the same ceremony every night. No real goals exist there. I'm filled with the desire to smack some ambition into at least one person each night. And this is uncomfortable, because I loathe feeling as thought I'm "ahead of the curve" in any light - it feels pretentious. But I am filled with a happiness to know that I've found my motivation (at least for the time being), and am following my dreams. And they are leading me West.

A special thanks to Ryan, Woody, and Damien - my new Hooligan brothers. And to Eric, Mike, and Dylan - who have been for years.

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